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Agatha Thomas learns to drive in Santo Domingo.

She Passed Her Driving Test in Santo Domingo, but a Challenge Approaches: the Madrid Bus

Agatha Thomas, Staff Writer May 28, 2024

The first time I took the bus in Madrid I nearly killed a child. Not on purpose, obviously. I had moved from the Dominican Republic to the Spanish capital two weeks prior for college, enthusiastic...

Opinion: Immigration Helps the Economy

Camila Gallardo, Contributor April 26, 2024

In this video illustration, Camila Gallardo draws a picture of the Statue of Liberty while, in the background, we hear her interview her sister, from Mexico, who finds a job in digital advertising in New...

Illustration by Natalya Villa

Opinion: Gen Z’s Obsession with Niche Fashion “Aesthetics”

Natalya Villa, Social Media Manager April 18, 2024
These styles offer avenues for self-expression, but they have a darker side: they raise questions about authenticity, individuality and social pressure, fashion observer Natalya Villa writes

Close bonds and shared bathrooms

Cristina Catan, Contributing Writer April 16, 2024
The host family experience sometimes offers surprises, like a Spanish-only rule at dinner
Host mom María Jesús Casto cooks for her host family.

The Challenges of Creating a Spanish Home Away from Home

Thea Uhl, Staff Writer April 16, 2024
The study abroad experience looks different from a host mom's perspective
A woman sweeps the Palacio de Velazquez in Madrids Retiro park.

Cities at Work: A Photo Essay

Diego Torres-Carrión, Staff Photographer April 16, 2024

Letters for Lilla

Lilla Orbán, Staff Writer April 13, 2024

She/Her: Hello Lilla, I have been living in Spain for a while, but my Spanish is nowhere near fluent. Being in an American university hasn’t helped – even my Spanish-speaking friends prefer...

(L-R) Yeishaliz Cancel-Ortiz, Kayla Reyna, Victoria Flores, and Alejandro Moran at one of the drink-tasting stands at the LSU event. Reyna made the Paloma and Flores mixed the Charro Negro.

Tasting Latine Culture “One Sip at a Time”

Thea Uhl, Staff Writer April 13, 2024
Students sipped Piña Coladas and Palomas in the cafeteria, colorfully decorated for the drink-tasting event

Spanish Students Rethink Stereotypes of Americans

Schuyler Moore, Contributing Writer April 11, 2024
The growing U.S. student population in Spain means more chances to view Americans as individuals rather than easy-laugh memes.
Jacko Reichert plays a set at a Madrid club Los Amantes.

Study Abroad by Day, DJ by Night

Schuyler Moore, Contributing Writer April 8, 2024
UVA student Jacko Reichert, who is studying abroad this spring at SLU-Madrid, plays sets at popular clubs such as Icon, Los Amantes and Rubicon.
Cine Ideal, on Calle Dr. Cortezo near the Puerta del Sol, shows original version films with Spanish subtitles.

15 Madrid Cinemas Show Films in English with Spanish Subtitles

Noella Conner, Contributing Writer April 7, 2024
Want to see the latest U.S. film in the original language? It's not hard to do here because of Spanish movie preferences, especially Gen Z's
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