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Laptop Users Relieved by Wi-Fi Fix

An old system caused frequent disconnections
Amelie Van Hess
A student laptop shows the confirmation button to accept the “terms and conditions” to use SLU Madrid Wi-Fi on campus.

The long-standing Wi-Fi connectivity problems on campus have been fixed, providing relief to students as they started classes this semester.

Students said they had been dealing with irregular Wi-Fi connections for years, causing frustration and difficulties in their studies, whether watching virtual lectures or simply trying to connect to the online world. The problems occurred because the system, set up similarly to an airport hotspot, was too old, according to the IT department. It has now been replaced with a new network, the IT department said.

Students welcomed the improvements.

“I mean, I’ve been able to work without being disconnected every five minutes, which is great,” said Jose Morro, a junior at SLU Madrid.

And when asked whether they’ve notices these changes, some students responded rather vividly: “Abso-[expletive]-lutely, it’s amazing,” Shane Kirkland said.

The problems ranged from poor internet speeds to frequent dropouts, making it difficult for some students to access online resources and complete assignments. According to Chris Moussa, a fifth-year student, the situation had deteriorated to the point where students had to use their own personal data to complete work while on campus. He said he had to use his personal hotspot for four years straight, which made it hard for him to study and do work. He is sorry many of his friends, who already graduated, never got to see the problem fixed.

The change became increasingly apparent at the start of the semester as the Wi-Fi gradually began to stabilize, with higher speeds and fewer interruptions. Students are now able to access to their online courses, conduct research and participate in virtual events without worry of being disconnected unexpectedly.

But some students are still unsatisfied when they log on to the campus Wi-Fi.

“Yes, the Wi-Fi may work, but why do I have to accept the terms and conditions every time I reconnect?” Moussa wondered. “And why do I have to keep forgetting the network all the time in order for the connection to actually work?”

The IT department is aware of these concerns, and said that “the terms and conditions are necessary due to the setup of the Wi-Fi, but we are going to try to rectify the situation.”

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Amelie Van Hess
Amelie Van Hess, Staff Writer and Staff Photographer
Amelie Van Hess, a junior, majors in communication with a minor in Spanish and Marketing. She has taken every journalism course offered at SLU Madrid.

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